The Ask: Create a national activation for Ben & Jerry's that increases sales during summer months.
The Deliverables: Design social media content as well as a Snapchat lens that engages users and gets them to keep Ben & Jerry's top of mind as the leader for fun, refreshing snacks.
Microsite design lets users input their location and see if their city/area is "extra hot". If it is, they are redirected to a page to redeem a digital coupon they bring into Ben & Jerry's scoop shops.
Instagram posts and custom Snapchat lens
New Balance Kustom Kiosk
EA Sports Display
Heinz Pop Art Packaging
Pringles Loud Campaign
Ford Fiesta Movement
Twitter JukBx Design
Pernod Holiday Posters
Good Form Running App
Mercury in Retrograde Film Artwork
Unbiased Clothing
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